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    Truck Traveling Data Recorder U3S

    Screen and camera: Big 7" LCD HD screen,high-performance chips, high-definition video and 1080P true full HD video .

    Multi-function:Moving detection,loop video and G-sensor.Dual lenses+navigation+android+float e-dog.Also you can use this to play game, movie,music,E-book,Audio and Photo. Multi-Country Languages. Android table PC, GPS Navigator, Car DVR. Photo format: JPEG. External Storage up to 32GB TF card


    ·Product Name:Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder

    ·Frames Per Second: 25

    ·Product Features:HD Camera,HD Video

    ·Display size:7"

     Photo format: JPEG

    ·Camera Lens:170 Degree A+ High Resolution Ultra Wide Angle Lens

    ·Language:Multi-Country Languages

    ·Video Resolution:Maximum 1080P

    ·Loop Video:Seamless Video,No Leakage

    ·Switch machine:Support auto ignition startup,shutdown flameout

    ·Mobile Detection Function:Support   

    ·Memory Card:TF(maximum support 32GB)

    ·Reversing Visual Function : Support

    ·Gravity Induction Key Lock : Support

    ·USB format: USB 2.0

    ·Power Supply Interface:5V;1A

    ·Battery:Built in Battery

    ·Original Package: Yes 


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