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    4G Rearview Mirror Dashcam Z8S

    ·     Screen and camera:Super big 8.0 inch luxurious screen is used to this product,wonderful for watching HD movies, playing games, browsing websites and so on.This Car DVR has two cameras that allows to record front and rear view Simultaneously. When the car in reverse gear, this car DVR will automatically switch to the rear view camera image view to help you back your car.

    ·   Bluetooth hands-free function:a very practical function, after pairing the Bluetooth between DVR and cellphone,you can play music and make or receive calls directly from this,because there is a microphone and speaker built in it.

    ·      WIFI spot functions: when you insert a 4G SIM card ,you can search WIFI signal and connect it with different device.It’s more than a dash cam.There are two ways to update date :connect WIFI or use the 4G network.

    ·         Specifications:

    ·         Touch screen:8"Capacitive Touch screen

    ·         Systems:Android 5.1 Lollipop systems

    ·         Chips:MTK6735 Quad core

    ·         Camera Resolution:1920x1080

    ·         Interface:Bluetooth,USB2.0,WIFI,Micro SD/TF

    ·         Pixels:500Mega

    ·         RAM / ROM :RAM 1GB / ROM 16GB

    ·         Remote monitoring

    ·         Navigation

    ·         Automatic Warning

    ·         Vehicle traveling date recorder

    ·         Bluetooth Hands-Free Speakerphone

    ·         Upgrade automatically under 4G network

    ·         Upgrade navigation automatically

    ·         Trail record

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