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    Low-Light Level Night Truck Traveling Data Recorder U2


    Low-light level night vision truck traveling data recorder.Super big 7.0 inch luxurious LCD screen, 170 Degree Ultra Wide Angle front lens. Dual lens recording automatically when the car's powered up.High definition night vision, driving recording, Mobile DV,playback and review etc.Anti-shake technology ensure the definition of the photos.Sound recorded simultaneously by built-in Microphone and speaker.


    ·Product Name:Truck Traveling Data Recorder

    ·Frames Per Second: 25 

    ·Product Features:HD Camera,HD Video

    ·Display size:7"

      Photo format: JPEG

    ·Camera Lens:170 Degree A+ High Resolution Ultra Wide Angle Lens

    ·Language:Multi-Country Languages

    ·Video Resolution:Maximum 1080P

    ·Loop Video:Seamless Video,No Leakage

    ·Motion Detection Function:Support   

    ·Memory Card:TF(maximum support 32GB)

    ·Reversing Visual Function : Support

    ·Gravity Induction Key Lock : Support

    ·USB format: USB 2.0

    ·Power Supply Interface:5V;1A

    ·Battery:Built in Battery

    ·Original Package: Yes 


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