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    Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder N63S


    Hidden HD car DVR

    140° viewing angle

    Viewing by cellphone (connecting WIFI)

    Night vision

    1080P HD recording;Anti-shaking

    Loop video


    Parking monitoring


    Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder N63


    Hidden HD car DVR

    360° rotating camera

    140° viewing angle

    Viewing by cellphone (connecting WIFI)

    1080P HD recording


    Loop video


    Parking monitoring


    Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder T85S



    Screen and lens:2.31 inch TFT HD LCD Screen, 140 Degree Ultra Wide Angle front lens that work perfectly to record almost everything in front of your cars.

    Multi-function:Recording Automatically when the car's powered up.Powerful night vision,Motion detection,Driving recording, Mobile DV, Video chat,Playback and review,etc.Anti-shake technology ensure the definition of the photos.Sound recorded simultaneously by built-in Microphone and speaker.Compact, power-saving and portable.


    SensorH22,1 million pixels

    File Resolution:1920*1080/1280x720

    Screen:2.31 inch LCD HD screen

    Video Format:1080P,AVI

    Water Resistant

    Convenient to take photos and record videos

    Video and photo playback:support

    Memory Card:TF(maximum support 32GB,we recommend high-speed TF card)


    SD RAM:128M Bit

    SPI Flash:1 Mb built-in



    Loop video:support

    Voice recorder:support

    Image resolution:up to 5M

    Image Format: JPEG

    Language:Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian,West, etc

    War industry product,water-proof and dust-proof


    Universal Hidden Car Recorder


    universal hidden car DVR;1080P,NT96658,170degree ultra-wide angle;Built-in WIFI,12M resolution;25fps;Compression method:H.246;Video format:MP4 or AVI;Recording slot time:120ms;Memory:support MicroSD card up to 32GB;FUNCTIONS:You can change you rear view mirror with this;G-sensor;Automatically recording;Built-in acceleration sensor;3-axis motion detection;Real-time video can be output to DVD and shutdown Manually;Clear image.


    Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder T90D


    Screen and camera:170 whopping-wide degree of view,3.0 inch high definition LCD screen with12 million pixels give you a wonderful vision experience and record everything happened in front of your cars.

    Other functions:seamless HD loop video.Work automatically when ignition startup.Powerful night vision function.it is very popular in the market and you can change your rearview mirror with this product.The video won’t be destroyed when there is a cash.


    Camera Lens: 170 degrees ultra-wide for front camera

    SD Card Capacity: Up to 64GB Not included)

    Optional Photo Resolution: 12M、8M 、5M 、3M 、2M、 1.3M

    Optional video loop time:2min、10min、15min

    Front Camera Video Resolution: 1080P


    Battery :large capacity built-in lithium battery

    Photo Format: JPG

    Display Size:3.0inch

    USB Format: USB 2.0

    Interface:USB and AV

    Loop recording: support


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